Sad news...

Michael Halliday, the founder of Systemic Functional Lingustics, an inspiration to us all, passed away 15th April, 2018. He passed away peacefully at 8pm. He had had family with him during most of the day. As has been said: A mighty tree has fallen in the forest.



ESFLA is the European Systemic Functional Linguistics Association. Its main function is the organisation of the annual meeting of the association, called the European SFL Congress and Workshop (ESFLC&W). Systemic functional Linguistics is a school of linguistics started by Michael Halliday, initially in Great Britain, and later in Australia. The theory is now practiced world-wide, particularly in Language Education.

The origins of the association lies in a series of meetings in SFL, originally held in Nottingham in the 1980s, organised by Margaret Berry. In 1993 the meeting went regional, with a meeting in Madrid, followed by Antwerp, and after that in many European countries. In 2002 the informal organisation behind the conference was made slightly more formal, with Geoff Thompson elected as Chair, and a steering committee elected.

During the 2004 meeting, the association decided to name the association as the "European Systemic Functional Linguistics Association" (ESFLA).

Geoff Thompson ESFLA Young Scholar Bursary: a bursary to support one young scholar each year to attend the meeting is described here. Call for applications for the 2018 conference now open.

For more information on SFL, see: here.